Consultation Desks

At FemmeCon our aim is to create a safe,secure & empathetic space for you where you can find answers to all your questions from trusted experts.


Our legal partner Ungender will host a Legal Consultation Desk, where you can find all about safety laws, health laws, how to respond in crisis situations & where to find help.

Our medical partner Fortis LaFemme will Gynaecological Consultation Desk, where you can ask everything you have always been embarrassed to talk about, or could never find the right medical help- pregnancy, safe sex, hygiene, and all other such issues.

Our partners at Fortis (Mental Health) will be setting up a Mental Health Desk, where you can share your thoughts on mental healthcare, ask questions about therapy, get tips on how to find the right therapist and also clarity on mental health issues and diagnosis.


These are safe & confidential spaces where you can shed the shame and stigma, sit face to face with experts & find the right information.
Drop right in !

Stay tuned for announcement of our doctors and experts for the Consultation Desks


India's First Women's Health Festival
National Crafts Museum, New Delhi Sept 2, 2018

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