Laws on Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

Pallavi Pareek
Managing Partner,
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This is a time when women's participation in the workforce is being hotly discussed, and passionately encouraged. One of the factors that often prevents women from working, is the atmosphere at work. Most spaces are dominated by men, sometimes there are sexist jokes casually thrown around, some awkward body language, staring, and a whole lot of other issues.

This session will take you through women's rights at the workplace, how they can demand a safer workplace, what are the responsibilities of the companies to ensure the safety of women employees, procedure for reporting, confidentiality and a lot many questions. This is a hugely relevant session for all working women, no matter where they are working. This is for them to attend and understand various ways in which to safeguard themselves and fellow women employees. This is a safe space for you to come and ask all procedural questions, grey areas and lot more. Hear it from Pallavi Pareek who is revolutionising safety at the workplace


India's First Women's Health Festival
National Crafts Museum, New Delhi Sept 2, 2018

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