Self-care for working women

Latika Wadhwa
Mompreneur Circle
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Can women have it all, is a question that has plagued generations. But "all" that women apparently want to "have", often translates into emotional load & a never-ending to-do list at home. Its widely known that fiercely independent women, armed with impressive degrees, often have to settle for less at work, because they are the primary caregivers at home. A lot many women who still manage to navigate this & rise at the workplace, often lack support systems. So how can working women practice self care on a daily basis & avoid a burnout? How can women involve husbands & other family members to share the load of housework? How does mother hood pose new challenges for working women?

We invite you to discuss all this and more, with Latika Wadhwa, an impassioned community builder of women, who has been nurturing mompreneurs and creating strong support system for women.


India's First Women's Health Festival
National Crafts Museum, New Delhi Sept 2, 2018

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